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Our School Council

School Councillors are elected at the beginning of each school year.

To become a School Councillor, you must be able to give a short talk to their class as to why you would make an outstanding School Councillor. 

Once each contender has made their speech, the class votes for who they think would make the best representative. 

The person who receives the most votes becomes the elected Councillor for that class. 

House Captains who run the meetings have to give a speech to the whole school at the start of each new term in September.


If you want to be a School Councillor tell your teachers and think about all of the things you would do for your class if you were on the School Council.

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If you have any ideas for projects for the School Council to take on to improve our school please click the button and fill in the form.


Autumn 2022

School Council decided to raise money for Get Kids Going – a charity providing sports equipment so that children with disability can partake in sport – and Air Ambulance which provides a free, essential emergency service but has no funding and relies upon donations. To raise money, Mr. Neal ran The Great North Run and The Chester Marathon. School Council also held a Halloween non-uniform day. These events have raised £800.00 

Wilkinson's Got Talent

Summer 2022

The School Council held its Talent Show in July 2022 but this year there was a slight difference. Instead of individuals or small groups competing against each other, every class in the school performed an act.  The judges picked a favourite act from EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 for a grand final. During a very tense final, the judges unanimously voted for T42s as the overall Talent Show Winners 2022!!




The School Fish

Spring 2022

The School Council, this year, helped Nursery and T42s purchase two fish to be looked after by the school. Nursery and T42s asked the Council to organise the naming of the fish by holding votes within the classes on the favourite ideas for “fish names” and then purchasing the fish from Holly Bush Nursery.  The favourite names voted for were Goldie and Shadow. 

SC Crisps.JPG
Crisp Packet Recycling


The School Council wanted to recycle crisp packets instead of the going in to land fill. They made collection boxes for the dining room and the contents are then sent to recycling points.

Recycling Bins

July 07, 2019

Our School Councillors recently went around their classes to find out what items could be recycled within the classroom. The councillors then had another meeting to discuss the list of items they had created and ordered the items from the easiest to most difficult to recycle.


Following this, a representative from the Wolverhampton City Council came to visit the school and we explained our proposal to try and recycle more but who would collect the recycling?

The Wolverhampton City Council suggested that our school should receive much bigger mixed recycling bins for the school to empty recycling into each day. Our business manager organised this and Wilkinson Primary School now have this in place. 

Finally, the School Council met with the Headteacher to discuss whether it was possible to purchase new mixed recycling bins for the classrooms as they want to order recycling bins that are attention grabbing so as to raise attention within the classrooms.

Pictures to follow...

Wilkinson's got Talent ! - 2019

July 15, 2019

On Thursday 4th July, Wilkinson Primary School had a talent show! Each class voted for an act and then put them forward to take part in the show. 

We had an amazing turn out with performances from the following children in their respective year goups: 

Year 1: Holly L, Maddison P, Anchaljit K and Nathanial S

Year 2: Kwasi A, Dylan M

Year 3: Dylan A, Marissa D, Reagan L and Harrison S

Year 4: Jenna E, Savannah S and Isabelle J

Year 5: Alfie R and Joel M

Year 6: Callum H, Sean S, Mazvita N and Miriam C

The judging panel consisted of:

Matilda, Kirstan, Dylan, Mr. Cheshire and Mrs. Sandhu

This years winners are Miriam and Mazvita from Year 6 for their duet of Lost Boy from Peter Pan!

A special thank you to the School Council and the Wilkinson PTA for putting this event together.

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Pet Week - 2018

​Pet week is an exciting week in the Summer term in which children can bring a caged pet from home and give a talk about how to look after animals. 


As part of pet week the School Council have been getting ideas from classmates about which charity they would like to support. They decided a local charity, Birmingham Dog's Home, would be a good idea.


The Council even visited the Dog's Home to ask some questions and gain insight into the work they do. 

Spring Term - 2018

During the Spring term the School Council continued last years project of improving the pond area.


The council got ideas from their classmates about what they would like to see by the pond area. Solar lights, tables, benches and bird feeders were some of the improvements.


Come and take a look at our new improved pond area!

Autumn Term - 2018

At the start of the school year the School Council decided it would be a good idea to assign teachers house colours.


This has created a greater team spirit throughout the school as teachers now wear their coloured lanyards with pride!

School Council's Radio Competiton - 2018

Who Can Design the best logo?

Who can create the best name?

Who can develop the best jingle?


Wilkinson Primary School Council is presently organising the launch of Wilkinson Radio. The Council has set a whole school competition to decide on:

  •   The radio name

  •   A logo for the school radio

  •   A jingle to announce the school radio


The results will be announced next week.

School Council wins highly commended award! - 2016

Wilkinson School Council has just been awarded a Highly Commended Award for their work on the Outdoor Gym. The School Council put themselves forward for the national, annual competition held by the Houses Of Parliament and reflects democracy in our school. We are very proud of our award!!


School Council this year have organised a day of fundraising in support of Sport Relief. Money raised now stands at... £335.20


1. Inter-house football tournament

2. Inter-house Cross Country competition

3. Netball competition

4. Penalty Shoot Out

5. Dance-a-thon

6. Non uniform day— dress as a sports star

7. Computer games

Wilkinson’s Outdoor Gym - 2016

The School Council, this year, have voted on a set of equipment that they would like to use at lunch time that would also keep them fit and healthy! The result is an outdoor gym! Children have been using the equipment since April 2016.

Wilkinson’s Got Talent! – 2016

We are now busy preparing for the Talent Show. The children have all voted on the act that will represent their class. We now know the line up for the 2016 show. Updates will be appearing here shortly…

Pet Week - 2015

The School Council organised a week where the children gave a talk on their favourite animal. Many children brought their pets in from home to show their class as part of the talk. The children then went on to explore many scientific concepts connected to living things.

Wilkinson’s Got Talent! - 2014

The School Council organised the Talent Show. Each class voted on an act to represent their class. The acts all performed to the whole school. A panel of judges decided on the act that they thought demonstrated the most talent. This year’s winner was Hannah Cope for her huge range of impressions!

School Council’s Summer Fayre - 2012

The School Council organised the event to raise money for school. Each councillor asked their class to come up with a range of ideas for great stalls that the children would love to see at the fayre. Each class then took responsibility for the stalls voted for. A huge amount of money was raised!

Castle Project - 2011

The School Council wanted to widen the experiences of the children by developing the use of the outdoor space. The children thought a structure that would stimulate the imagination would be fantastic. What better than a castle in amongst the trees!

The Outside Classroom 2009

The children wanted to have somewhere outside that could be used as a classroom so that lessons could be carried out in the open whatever the weather. They also wanted somewhere to sit in the summer that provided shade. This was the end result!

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