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Year Six Short Film

A short video to introduce you to life in Year Six...

Reception Phonics Workshops
Some video to help you help your child...

This video will help you to support your child in the early stages of reading. It will introduce you to the "Read Write Inc." phonics scheme we use in school; show you the order we teach letter sounds in and will show you how to pronounce each 'pure sound'.

Key Stage 1 Workshops
Some videos to help

Below are a range of parent videos to help you to see some

of the strategies we use in school when we teach English and Mathematics to the children.  They include a Phonics help video, a video outlining strategies to help with reading comprehension skills as well as videos on 3 key areas in maths.

Learning to read

An understanding of phonics is crucial when learning to read. Phonics is a method of teaching children to read by linking sounds (phonemes) and the symbols that represent them (graphemes, or letter groups).  The following video explains how we teach Phonics to the children in our school and provides support for you at home when practising with your child. 

Reading Strategies
Addition Support
Subtraction Support
Some videos to help
Fractions Support
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