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Year 4
We are Year 4

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Anglo-Saxon Day
January 2024

Year 4 started the term with an Anglo-Saxon day with a special visitor. We began with a hundred court where we had to decide if people were innocent or guilty. Then we played some Anglo-Saxon games. We learnt about how they would make clothes and used a lucet to create a bracelet. Finally, we went outside with shields and weapons to have an Anglo-Saxon battle

Wroxeter Roman City

We visited the remains of the Roman City of Wroxeter. we were able to explore the bath houses and learn about how the Romans kept clean and healthy and why this was so important to them. We acted as if we were Romans visiting the baths, learning that we needed to pay someone to watch our clothes and prevent them from being stolen. We learned how to use a 'strigil' to scrap the dirt off our skins. We went into each of the rooms of the bath house and even saw the mark left by the builder of the baths. We also saw the Roman toilets - we are not sure we would have liked to have had to have used them!


We were also able to explore a reconstruction of a Roman town-house and find out about what it might have been like to live as a Romano-Briton.


We also visited the museum to look at some of the artefacts that archaeologists have discovered that help us know about everyday life in Roman Britain.

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Egyptian Websites

This term we have been exploring the world of the Ancient Egyptians, discovering pyramids, tombs, mummies and pharaohs.

For our outcome we have designed and created websites about the Ancient Egyptians.


On our websites you will be able to discover lots of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. Find out how to mummify someone, how to get to the Field of Reeds (the Afterlife), why the Egyptians built pyramids and much more. Click on the links to go to the websites, there is one website for each group

We hope that you enjoy our websites.

Stone-Age Experience at The Kingswood Trust
September 2022

Year 3 visited the Kingswood Trust to take part in a Stone Age Experience.

During the day we built shelters from branches and ferns like Stone Age people would have done when they were hunting for food.

We saw how to make a fire. We stripped thin branches of willow so they were clean and twisted bread dough onto them. We cooked our bread over the fire. Some of us were brave enough to eat our bread.

We learnt about how Stone Age people used flint to make tools and weapons and tried to shoot an arrow and throw a spear. We went foraging for fruits, nuts and berries.

We had to try to work out how Stone Age people moved the huge stones that were used to make Stonehenge.

We had a fantastic day.                                      

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We are Film-Makers
July 2020

In our computing lessons we have been looking at film making. We looked at some of the different jobs involved in film making: camera operators, directors and editors. We made a story board, used different types of shot and edited our film. Here are two examples but all of our films can be watched by clicking the link.


We hope you enjoy our films.                                       

Click here for the other films.

Christmas Productions 2020
December 2020
Autumn Term 2020
November 2020

Over this term, we have been very busy. We looked at the Hindu festival of Light – Diwali. Went on an autumn walk, used part, part wholes to solve maths problems, read the story of Elmer by David Mckee, creating our own mat in the style of Elmer’s patterns. We even carried out a water investigation to help teddy find a suitable material to build his tent. 

R.E. Afternoon
September 2020

During RE we investigated the different animals Christian’s believe God created. We thought about the wonders of the world and went on a walk to see what we could see. Later we are going to investigate, ‘Does God want Christian’s to look after the world?’ 

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Save the Koalas!
12th March 2020

This term, Reception will be going on a sponsored walk around the local area to raise money for the Koala Foundation.

Please watch our fundraising campaign video for more information!

Tell a Fairy Tale Day
26th February 2020

To celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day we learnt the words and actions to one of our favourite traditional tales, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

African Drumming and Dance Workshop
12th February 2020

We enjoyed having a visitor in school who taught us African dancing and drumming skills. We were able to explore new instruments and a new genre of music.

Christmas Production
9th December 2019

Our Christmas Production was "Superheros Save Christmas". All the children loved performing, singing and making the video.

We hope that you enjoy our show.

Fairy Stories
Autumn Term 2019

We have made our own versions of famous fairy tales and children stories so we can enjoy listening to them. We hope that you enjoy them too.

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TheTiger Who Came to TeaWilkinson Primary School