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Christmas Productions 2020
December 2020
Autumn Term 2020

Whist looking at fractions we created a poster about equivalent fractions, we used a variety of equipment to help us from fraction walls to fraction tiles. We had lots of fun with the practical equipment whilst learning.

Autumn Term 2020

To improve our multiplication skills we have been playing lots of different games. We used the counters to play the swimming pool game where we have to multiply numbers on the dice. Then we played our favourite game where we use whiteboards to show our answers, this time we were looking at squared numbers. Finally, using four numbers we had to multiply, divide add and subtract to make all of the numbers 1-30.

September 2020

Year 5 used fact files to research information on the planets in our solar system. We learnt a story to help us remember the order of the planets. Using this information we created a poster. It was interesting to find out about the planets in our universe and how far they are away from the sun.  

September 2020

Year 5 took and journey into their future they imagined where they would be in 20years times. What would they look like? Where would they live? What was there job? They then shared their experiences and explained if this was a future they had expected.  

September 2020

For our RE afternoon we split into 3 groups and learnt about commitment, fasting and sacrifice in different beliefs. We were looking at what commitment means and how we can show it.  When looking at fasting we were investigating why fasting is important to Muslims. We moved to look at activities about sacrifice and what benefit may come from sacrificing something and if they are religious or non-religious. 

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Christmas Production
11th December 2019

This Christmas we performed our version of Jack and the Beanstalk. All the children loved performing, singing and making the video.

We hope that you enjoy our show.

Autumn Term Outcome
Autumn Term 2019

Our Autumn Term topic was Roman Britain. Click on the video to find out what we did and what we learnt about what the Romans did for US!