Year 5
Welcome to Year 5.

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Year 5 Christmas Performance
Parent Termly Information Letters
Maths with Parents

Solar System: (Autumn) To begin our new topic, Year 5 had to take their learning into their own hands! they worked in small groups using ipads to research the planets in our solar system.


Day and Night: (Autumn) Year 5 looked at the movement of the Earth and how this creates day and night.


Autumn: Why do we have different time zones? What are time zones? Year 5 have been working hard to understand why we have different time zones and how they are defined.


Spring: Year 5 have been looking at properties of materials, how they can be changed and how different materials can be separated. Year 5 had fun changing a solid into a liquid!

Click here to listen to Year 5 SB - Viking News Report by Matilda, Shardony, Ben & Jess

Learning Outcomes

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