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Our Curriculum
The Wilkinson Way

Our curriculum is grounded on the school’s core principle of

“Show Pride and Respect in All That We Do”.

All pupils, staff, governors and parents support this vision,

"The Wilkinson Way”

which drives the highest standards of learning, pupil behaviour and attitudes.

Our Intent

The school motto “Show Pride and Respect in All That We Do” forms the basis of our mission: 


enabling the children to:



reach their full Potential,

be Independent learners,

and show Resilience and Excellence.

The innovative and creative curriculum is designed to provide the children with:
  • the knowledge, skills and understanding so they can achieve in further education

  • the ability to transfer their skills between subjects allowing them to succeed in modern life

  • a love for learning  and a desire to find out more, so they can reach their full potential and develop independence

  • challenge, so they can build up resilience

  • new and exciting experiences, broader horizons, high expectations of their future and to break the constraints of existing expectations allowing them to aim for excellence



Our curriculum is delivered through a termly thematic approach, which is known as ‘The Creative Curriculum’. This allows children to explore links across the curriculum and learning in one ‘subject’ can be reinforced and enhanced in others. The order of themes and the mix of curriculum areas within topics allows pupils to connect new with existing knowledge, developing fluency and unconsciously apply their knowledge and skills. Children also see that exploring a question or topic can involve a multitude of skills from many disciplines.


Each topic begins with the children stepping into a classroom that has been transformed:  a Brazillian Jungle, a medieval castle, an air raid shelter, the South Pole or a Mayan temple.


They have  a WOW day to introduce their topic and are introduced to the question they will try to answer by the end of the topic: How fast can you go? Where did the Mayans go to? What did the Romans do for us? Were the Vikings all that bad?

The children work towards a Creative Outcome where they showcase the work they have done and their learning. This may take many forms: visits to the local Art Gallery; an award winning e-book, animations, films, traditional books, presentations to parents, exhibitions and even a Rio Carnival!

Please click on the links below to view documents which shows the curriculum for each term from EYFS  to Year 6.

The curriculum is comprehensively planned, based on detailed curriculum mapping, using the EYFS and National Curriculum as the basis for content and specific skills progressions to ensure expectations, progression and continuity.

Autumn Wreath
Autumn Term Curriculum Grid
Plant Wreath 6
Spring Term Curriculum Grid
Floral Wreath 1
Summer Term Curriculum Grid
Autumn Wreath
Curriculum grid.JPG
EYFS Autumn Term Curriculum Grid 2023
Plant Wreath 6
EYFS Spring Term   Curriculum Grid 2024
Spring Curriculum Overview Photo.JPG
Floral Wreath 1
EYFS Summer Term    Curriculum Grid 2024
summer pic.JPG

Please click on the link below to view our skills progression documents for each subject..


We have structured this so that each year group is clear about what must be covered and assessed and the key knowledge and skills the children must acquire.


Paint Brush

Curriculum Teams


Each subject is lead by a member of staff who is assisted and supported by a small team of other staff members, see below...

Futher Information

To view further information about our curriculum please visit our class pages by clicking here or please contact us.

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