Year 3
This is Year 3
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Egyptian Websites
Spring Term 2022

This term we have been exploring the world of the Ancient Egyptians, discovering pyramids, tombs, mummies and pharaohs.

For our outcome we have designed and created websites about the Ancient Egyptians.


On our websites you will be able to discover lots of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. Find out how to mummify someone, how to get to the Field of Reeds (the Afterlife), why the Egyptians built pyramids and much more. Click on the links to go to the websites, there is one for each class.

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Christmas Productions 2020
December 2020
November 2020

The children created some stunning art work on the themes of 'The Blitz' and 'Remembrance'.

September 2020

The children created their own experiment to test the rigidity of different strength materials. The children came up with the idea way of using tape to hold down each material over the edge of the table whilst placing one weight at a time on the other end of the material until it started to bend.  

Science 2ES
Science 2ES

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Christmas Production
10th December 2019

This Christmas we performed our version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.All the children loved performing, singing and making the video.

We hope that you enjoy our show.