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Year 6
We are Year 6
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Christmas Production 2023
December 2023

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Our Anglo Saxon Activity Morning
March 2022

To celebrate the work we had completed in the Spring term and also the end of our topic, Year 4 invited parents into school to take part in an exciting morning of Anglo Saxon related art and craft activities.  These activities were related to work done during the term, all aimed at answering the question – What was life like in an Anglo Saxon settlement? We had a  fantastic response from the parents and everyone had a wonderful time.  In fact we’re not sure who had a better time – the children or the adults!!

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Roman E-Book
November 2021

Our Autumn Term topic has been focussing on the Romans in Britain. We have been looking at the question "How do we know that the Romans were here?" We have made an e-book about everything we have learned about the Romans.


You can view the e-book by clicking the arrows. We hope you enjoy reading our e-book.

If you have an Apple iPad or iPhone then we can 'Air Drop' you a copy of the book. Please contact school if you would like to have a copy.

Unfortunately we cannot do this for Android or Windows devices.

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Brazilian E-Book
July 2021

Our summer term topic is Brazil. We have made this e-book to show how much we have learned about the country of Brazil.

Christmas Productions
December 2020
Autumn Term 2020
November and December 2020

Year 3 Christmas Party 

We really enjoyed taking part in a drama workshop for the pantomime Aladdin. We also enjoyed a party banquet and party games! 


Year 3 MAC 

During a MAC lesson, we were learning the 8 points of the compass and how to read co-ordinates. We used these skills to then find Iron Age and Stone Age features on a map of Great Britain.  


Year 3 Measuring Weight 

We enjoyed learning how to read a variety of scales when measuring the mass of different objects around our classrooms. We measured using the units grams and kilograms. 


Year 3 Science 

To begin our new Science topic Light, we had to sort a variety of items into ones which give us light and ones which don’t. Some items reflect light as we found out! 

R.E. Afternoon
16th September 2020

The children had a virtual experience of how Divali is celebrated by Hindu’s. By using their senses, they created a poem that explores how the traditions carried out during Divali can bring a Hindu child a sense of belonging. They decorated their work with rangoli patterns that welcome Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.  

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Christmas Production
10th December 2019

This Christmas we performed our version of Cinderella. All the children loved performing, singing and making the video.

We hope that you enjoy our show.

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