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Year 7
We are Year 7

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A Flight to Mexico!
March 2022

To celebrate the work we had completed in the Spring term and the end of our topic, Year 5 invited parents into school to take part in a magical afternoon of presentations and displays, all around the theme of the Maya and trying to answer the question – Where did the Maya go?

Parents boarded ‘Wilkinson Airlines’ after checking through security and enjoyed an in-flight movie, produced by the children, about the Maya civilisation.

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Christmas Productions 2020
December 2020
Art and Design
Autumn Term 2020

Roman coil pot – by Charlotte 

We have been learning about the Romans in Year 4. One of the things that we learnt was that the Romans made pots out of clay. They made them by rolling lumps of clay into a sausage shape, then making them into big O’s. They then stacked up the O’s to make a tower. They started off smaller at the bottom and made them bigger at the top. We got to try this in class and I made my own! It was fun. I smoothed the sides of my coil-pot like the Romans would have done. 

Science and Design Technology
Autumn Term 2020

String Telephones

The children took part in an investigation to see how the length and thickness of the string and how tightly it is pulled affect the quality of the sound travelling along it. 


The children made models of lighthouses, installed a working bulb circuit controlled by a switch and then proudly presented  their finished piece. 

Science - Electricity
September 2020
Year 4 Science 1
Year 4 Science 4
Year 4 Science 2
Year 4 Science 3

In science we have been learning about electricity. We have learnt lots about building circuits using lots of different items. One of the challenges was to make a bulb light up and make a buzzer buzz at the same time. Making a switch with a paperclip was really fun! Today we learnt about conductors and insulators, Sir showed us how the lead (graphite) in a pencil can be used as a conductor and made the bulb light up! We love science!


By Hana Miah 4NH

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Christmas Production
10th December 2019

This Christmas we performed our version of Beauty and the Beast. All the children loved performing, singing and making the video.

We hope that you enjoy our show.

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