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Arts and Crafts

“Laugher is timeless and imagination has no age” - Walt Disney.

We in the Terrific for Twos follow this quote throughout our everyday play to inspirer and develop our little minds.

From dressing as Teachers, Witches and Wizards to painting and dancing!

We love to use our fantastic environments to explore our imagination.

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Outdoor Learning

Come rain or shine our Children love exploring the great outdoors! In the Terrific for Twos we regularly take walks around our school grounds taking part in listening walks, exploring our pond and taking photos of  wild life.

This term we are exploring the world around us, where we have visited local attractions such as St Martin’s Church and looked for different vehicles on the road such as buses and cars.

If you see us on your travels please give us a wave, hello or beep of your car horn as our children love it.


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