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Summer Term Outcome
June 2024
May 2024

Nursery children were very excited to receive some caterpillars in the post. The children enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow and change into Chrysalides. They stayed inside for just over a week before emerging as butterflies. We released the butterflies by our school pond. 

Nursery Farm on Wheels Experience
April 2024

The children were very excited to meet Stella from Farm on Wheels. She drove to school with her trailer to show our children some of her farm animals. There were goats, lambs, chickens, ducks and rabbits.

The children and staff enjoyed meeting the animals, we were able to stroke them or walk them. We fed the lambs and goats some milk and the fed the chicken some corn. We all had a wonderful day meeting Stella and her animals!

Nursery Easter Celebrations
March 2024

The children in Nursery have been very busy enjoying Easter activities in class. They were challenged to create an Easter Bonnet at home and we have been overwhelmed with the responses. It has been lovely to see the children take part in an Easter Bonnet parade and play bingo with their families during our play and stay. A huge thank you to everyone for taking part!

Mark-Making Stay and Play
February 2024

Nursery parents and carers joined us for a short presentation focusing on the importance of developing ‘gross motor’ and ‘fine motor’ skills. 


We suggested activities to try at home to support this and looked at the progression of writing structure.


Our families joined in with ‘Dough Disco’, ‘Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle’ and a range of pre-writing activities in the Nursery.