Science intent:


In Science, all our children will aspire to use science to explain, predict and analyse the natural world; building key knowledge and concepts, being excited and curious about natural phenomena and understanding methods, processes and uses of science.

Science lessons at Wilkinson Primary School are about inspiring the children with a sense of awe and wonder through first hand practical experiences. We give the children time to explore equipment, materials and the environment to come up with their own thoughts and questions. Our aim is to develop the children's natural curiosity about the world around them and to develop a set of skills and attitudes such as open-mindedness, perseverance, collaboration, observation and questioning, which are useful skills for life.

From watching chicks hatch in Foundation to building complex electrical circuits in Key Stage 2 the children are positive and enthusiastic about science and can see its applications in everyday life. We have children with aspirations to be a scientist and it is the lifelong interest that we want to nurture in our rapidly developing scientific world.

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