R.E. at Wilkinson

We value Religious Education (RE) at Wilkinson Primary School as it encourages our children to show respect, understanding and empathy towards others in their community and become upright citizens in a diverse society.



...It is our intent that, by the time they leave Wilkinson Primary School, all our learners will: aspire to be respectful, responsible citizens who are able to explore their own beliefs, develop a sense of identity and belonging, showing an understanding and empathy towards others in the school, local, UK and global community.


At Wilkinson Primary School the children will study:

* The 6 major faiths, reflecting on their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

* The celebration of diversity in society through understanding similarities and differences.

* Recognition of the changing nature of society, religious practice and expression.

* The influence of religion in the local and global community.

Throughout the year we join together to celebrate some of the major festivals such as Chinese New Year, Diwali and Black History week. All children are given the opportunity to experience the festivals through dance, music, drama and art in our special event days.

R.E. Covid-19 Statement

In-line with current government guidance, our bank of Religious Education resources are not being shared across bubbles unless they have been disinfected and have gone through an agreed quarantine period. Educational trips have also been affected as the Department for Education is still currently advising against foreign and domestic trips (residential and non-residential); this has implications for our Religious Education curriculum and where possible, we have tried to use technology to offer virtual-trip experiences to students within school.

Visitors to school, delivering specialist Religious Education provision, will be required to follow current COVID-19 best practice and wear the necessary PPE.

In the event of another lockdown, the Religious Education curriculum will still be taught via our online blogs and paper-resources made available for those who require them.



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