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R.E. at Wilkinson

We value Religious Education (RE) at Wilkinson Primary School as it encourages our children to show respect, understanding and empathy towards others in their community and become upright citizens in a diverse society.



...It is our intent that, by the time they leave Wilkinson Primary School, all our learners will: aspire to be respectful, responsible citizens who are able to explore their own beliefs, develop a sense of identity and belonging, showing an understanding and empathy towards others in the school, local, UK and global community.


At Wilkinson Primary School the children will study:

* The 6 major faiths, reflecting on their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

* The celebration of diversity in society through understanding similarities and differences.

* Recognition of the changing nature of society, religious practice and expression.

* The influence of religion in the local and global community.

Throughout the year we join together to celebrate some of the major festivals such as Chinese New Year, Diwali and Black History week. All children are given the opportunity to experience the festivals through dance, music, drama and art in our special event days.


R.E. at Wilkinson

Chinese New Year in Nursery

To celebrate Chinese New Year we listened to the Chinese New Year story.


Reception children chose a religion to focus on during lockdown and completed some simple research to learn more about faiths. Here is Finley's Buddhist Wat

Year 1

These are Year 1's Easter Cards.

Year 2

Year 2 explored how Jews celebrate Passover with the Seder Plate.

Year 3

In Year 3, the children looked at the Miracles performed by Jesus and considered the question 'Do stories have to be true to be meaningful?'

Year 4

In Year 4, they looked at the significance of the Seder Plate within the Jewish faith.

These are some of the designs the children came up with creating their own.

Year 5

Year 5 looked at the Hindu story of Manu and the Flood and created a storyboard of the events.

Year 6

Year 6 looked at how Christians lead a good life by following God's 10 commandments and discussing the question 'Is anything ever eternal?' They then created their own 10 commandments based on what they felt was important in how to lead a good life.

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