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Maths in Action

Here is a flavour of the different activities that take place in Mathematics at our school.

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CPA Focus
A main school strategy

At our school we are continually striving to embed and develop the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) model of teaching throughout the school.   A continual programme of training focuses on giving the children lots of opportunities to embed their learning by using concrete apparatus in as many ways as possible.  Staff then concentrate on moving teaching onto showing children how to transfer these skills to the pictorial and, where appropriate, the abstract. 

School Maths Challenge
A challenge for Key Stage 1 and 2

Everyone can achieve in Maths is a belief we hold strongly in school.  All children in Key Stage 1 and 2 take part in our in school Mathematics challenge, that we run half termly, and it proves ever popular with the ‘Limited Edition competition badge’ being one that is highly sought after! 

Ten Town
An Early Years Strategy

Ten Town is the unique early years numeracy scheme designed to improve number recognition and formation. Meet King One, Fiona Five, Sir Seven and all their Ten Town friends as they bring numbers alive in exciting animations, games, activities and even their own online TV channel - Ten Town TV!

Nursery Ten Town.png
Mathematics and E-Learning
Our E-Learning Focus

With an eye on the use of technology we continue our long standing relationships, subscribing to Symphony Maths and MyMaths to supplement our homework programme, with each child throughout Key Stage One and Two having access.  This has been supported by our ‘Maths with Parents’ programme where parents have access to videos on any mathematical topic that their child is studying, giving them an insight into current teaching methods and techniques.

ICT use.png
Magical Maths
A Super Fun Magical Experience

'Maths is Fun' is a belief that we promote whilst teaching at our school. Magical Maths is an after school maths programme on offer where exciting assemblies are delivered, to ‘wow’ students, which are then followed up with after school clubs.

The Borcherds Challenge
A long standing relationship with King Edward's School, Birmingham

An annual event is our participation in the ‘Borcherds Shield’, a competition held by King Edwards School, Birmingham.  190 schools, predominantly from the Birmingham area, take part across two year groups and it is named after a former pupil of King Edward’s School who was awarded the Fields Medal, the mathematical equivalent of the Nobel Prize.  We make the journey across the Midlands twice a year to participate in the prestigious event and have qualified for two final days in the past.

Primary Mathematics Challenge
Silver Medal Winners

Another annual challenge we take part in is the national Primary Mathematics Challenge for children in Year 5 and 6, run by the Mathematical Association. This year we achieved our best results since we started competing in the competition winning two silver awards.  Go Wilkinson!!

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