To succeed in life children need to be numerate.  At Wilkinson Primary School it is our aim that we will provide the children with a high quality Mathematics education so that children will enjoy mathematics, be successful and have a positive attitude towards the subject and therefore make a good start in their journey to becoming numerate.  In school we will equip pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools that include logical reasoning, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways.


When teaching in school we give our children a range Mathematical opportunities and experiences that will help to prepare them with the skills needed in later life, not just in Mathematics lessons but in all subjects so that they understand and appreciate how important Mathematics is.


 We use our interactive outdoor environment to engage children in Mathematical practices.  We also endeavour to give each topic a real life focus that enables the children to put their Maths work into context and give it meaning.  ICT is used to extend children's learning and engage them in the challenges they are given. 

Planning and delivery of the subject is based on programmes ofstudy that cover all areas of Mathematics.  In key stage one the principal focus is on the understanding of place value, having a fluency in mental methods of calculation and a good recall of number facts. This is done using a range of practical apparatus. 


The children also gain experience and understanding of shapes and the related vocabulary as well as teaching the children to understand and use a range of measures to describe and compare different quantities such as length, mass, capacity/volume, time and money.


In key stage two children are taught to develop their mental fluency and establish written forms of recording and then, over time, move onto more efficient written methods of calculation.  They draw with increasing accuracy using previous knowledge to analyse different shapes and their properties.  Children use measuring instruments with a developing accuracy as well as collecting, presenting and analysing data.  They apply their geometric and algebraic understanding to solve problems whilst we also make a focus of teaching the children to read, spell and pronounce mathematical vocabulary correctly.


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