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Home Learning During the COVID-19 Outbreak Closure

During the period of 'Closure' due to the COVID-19 National Lockdown, children's work will be set daily on Purple Mash and Google Classroom. Both Google Classroom and Purple Mash can be accessed using the links on any page of this website.

Teachers will outline the day’s activities each morning by video link and be available from 8.30am to 4.30pm each day to mark completed pieces of work and answer questions or address difficulties by chatting to the children or a parent on the class blog. The work will consist of a piece of Maths, English and Topic plus another subject each day, which will be what the children would have been learning if we had not gone into lockdown. Teaching staff will be signposting links to explanations of activities, to help the children as much as possible.

During the first lockdown 'closure' there were a number of children who completed none or very little of the work teachers set. As this is the second lockdown 'closure' and we really have no idea how long it is going to last, I really need your full support to ensure your child completes the tasks set.

If paper copies are required, please call the school office to arrange a suitable time for collection.

Teachers will be calling you and your child every week for a catch up. Any problems, in the meantime, please contact the office - there will always be someone here to help you.

We use a number of internet based resources  in school that you can use at home to help continue your child's education during this period. Please click on any of the links below to go to the websites...

Remote Learning Policy

You will need to set up an account to use Oxford Owl

Several education websites offering free access to their Home Learning programmes. Please click on the links below to explore...

There are also a large number of websites  with excellent activities to support children's learning. Please click on the links below to find out more...

Interactive videos to support literacy, maths, PE. Great for timetables!

Very good for all areas but particularly useful for the History and Geography topics.

Videos  and activities to support literacy, maths and  PE. 

Fun games to help with all curriculum areas. This site is used in school.

Fun games for young readers.

Stories read by famous actors.

THINKUKNOW (who offer excellent online safety advice and support) have produced a set of home learning packs to help children stay safe online whilst doing internet based work.

If your child does RML then there are daily 'Speed Sounds'  sessions (part of their RML Lessons) via this site.

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