At Wilkinson Primary School the teaching and learning of History has several aims. We aim to provide opportunities for the children to understand and appreciate the multi- cultural and diverse world in which we live, as well as assisting them in developing a genuine enthusiasm for History. The children are taught key History skills such as enquiry, analysis and interpretation, to aid their development through a creative topic based curriculum. Educational trips and visits from History specialists enhance the History curriculum with first hand experiences and artefacts being shared with the children.




By stimulating the children’s interest into the lives of people that lived in the past they gain a sense of chronology which helps them to develop a sense of identity. Also by considering the way people lived in the past, the children are encouraged to make informed life choices. It is imperative at Wilkinson Primary School that our History teaching focuses on facilitating the children to think as historians, as well as generating a desire to learn more due to their enjoyment of the subject

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