At Wilkinson we ensure that the four key areas of the Geography National Curriculum (Locational knowledge, Place knowledge, Human and Physical Geography, Geography skills and fieldwork) are encompassed within our 'Topic' based sessions.




Our aim, when teaching Geography, is to stimulate children's interest in both their local surroundings and in the wider world. We look at the variety of human and physical conditions of the earth, and exciting lesson planning enables us to nurture a sense of awe and wonder within the children. We also support our children, particularly in Key Stage 2, to develop an enhanced sense of responsibility for the care of the Earth through our teaching of Geography.  


When planning the Geography Curriculum, teachers are guided by their knowledge of children's needs and interests; to select appropriate and engaging lesson content. We believe that Geography is a key life skill and our enthusiasm for Geography ensures that all children are practised in these skills in preparation for life beyond Primary School.

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