At Wilkinson Primary School, computer skills are taught to all year groups for one hour a week. Children use a range of software for animation, algorithms, presenting data and word processing. We believe that our children need to be experienced in the practical uses of computers to make the most of their education. Therefore, the school is continuously striving to integrate Computing into teaching and learning in all subjects across both Key Stages. Computing is a major strength of our school and is a key tool for motivating children and for raising standards.





  • For all children to make progress and develop everyday skills in Computing.

  • Computing to be presented as a creative and interesting practice

  • Provision of extended learning in all subject areas of the National Curriculum

  • For all children to take on tasks with self-confidence and to gain a sense of achievement

  • To raise the importance and awareness of Computing through regularly displaying exemplary work around the school and on the school website

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