…It is our intent that, by the time they leave Wilkinson Primary School, all our learners will aspire to use technology creatively to understand and change the world, becoming digitally literate –


able to:

  • use information and communication technology confidently, competently and efficiently

  • express themselves creatively, and develop their ideas through IT,

  • become good digital citizens, using technologies safely and responsibly,

  • to become resilient learners, solving problems and use computational thinking to achieve goals


– at a level suitable for their future education and work, and as active participants in a digital world.

Computing is taught weekly as part of the school's Creative Curriculum. We use a scheme of work which we have devised that delivers opportunities to build new knowledge and skills on previous learning and apply the concepts of computer science. We aim to develop children's:


  • Computational thinking – the ability to solve problems in a creative, logical and collaborative way. This is done through repeated programming opportunities. It begins with early coding activities in the early years, moves through using programmable robots to children making games, animations and quizzes using a variety of age appropriate software (Scratch Junior, Scratch and Kodu).

  • Ability to use  Information Communication Technology in a responsible, competent, confident and creative way. Children will create presentations, audio books, pieces of music, e-books, films, animations and websites, wikis and blogs

  • Awareness of how technology is used in the world around them and of the benefits that it provides.  They are supported to evaluate and use information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies.

In our curriculum:

  • Technology is used imaginatively to engage all learners and widen their learning opportunities,

  • Pupils have access to a variety of devices and resources and are encouraged to reflect on the choices they make to use them.

  • Children are helped to understand how to be good digital citizens, staying safe whilst using the internet and have strategies for dealing with situations that might upset them.

Year 1 children using a programmable robot

Year 3 Scratch Escape from the Maze Game

Year 6 Kodu platform game

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