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At Wilkinson, we teach Spanish to all classes in Years 2-6. The children in Early Years and Year One are also introduced to simple Spanish vocabulary and songs. Our curriculum provides the children with exciting experiences and opportunities to develop their love of learning.  


We aim to provide our children with the opportunity to learn all about the world and discover other cultures.

Through our Spanish teaching, we provide opportunities for the children to learn, understand and use their Spanish vocabulary in speech and writing.

They are able to improve the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation in a range of contexts including role-play, games and singing.


Our teachers promote Spanish to be spoken as part of the school day and encourage the children to demonstrate their language skills during activities such as taking the register, giving instructions and celebrating birthdays.

Spanish is also taught through purposeful cross curricular links including Geography, Cooking, Outdoor Learning and Maths.

As previously mentioned, simple Spanish vocabulary is introduced to the children in Early Years and Year 1 through simple songs and stories.

All children participate in Spanish singing practice during their phase assemblies.



Year 6 hope you enjoy their Spanish conversation videos!

Here are some examples of the written work in Year 6

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