During the National Lockdown we will providing online work to do at home. We will be using a BLOGS on PURPLE MASH to tell the children what they need to do and for them to upload their work so the teachers can mark it.

You will find your child's blogs by logging on to Purple Mash  - use the purple button here -

After you have logged on click the green 'Sharing' button at the top of the page, then click 'Shared Blogs' and click your child's class blog.

You can comment on a post (please make this positive) and then show us the work you have done by creating a post. You can take a picture of the work you have done, save it to your computer or tablet and then add it to the post (see the instructions below).

Here you will find instructions for creating a post on a Purple Mash blog. You will need this to take part in the weekly projects for the summer term. If you would like to download a copy click the PDF link on the right.