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Your child has a Purple Mash account. Purple Mash is an online collection of learning tools and activities which is used extensively in school across all subjects and can be accessed at home through a tablet or laptop/PC. Purple Mash can be accessed by pressing the button below (or at the top of any page on this website and then entering the correct username and password.

The activities and learning tools can be found on the front page, by clicking the 'Tools' menu. Early Years children have their own section - click 'Early Years'

When you click the 'Tools' menu, you get this screen. The activities and learning tools are arranged by subject. More subjects can be found by scrolling down the page.

Work done on Purple Mash can be saved and re-opened to continue. Click the '3 Lines' box and select the appropriate action. 

Sometimes a piece of work will be set by the teacher - you find them in the '2Dos' menu. You can view all the work you have saved by clicking on the 'Work' menu.

The Early Years menu looks like this. As with the other activities, just click on an icon to have a go. If you click 'Mini Mash'... get taken to this area, which has been specially designed for Early Years... clicking on any of the objects will launch different learning activities or games.

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