Parents should arrange their family holidays within the school holidays, rather than in term time so that their child's educational progress is not affected. Following Government guidance, Governors have decided that holidays in term time will not be authorised. Parents will need to complete a leave of Absence form, stating their reasons for the request. The Head Teacher will give due consideration and will only grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. However, the Head Teacher will not, under any circumstance, authorise holidays in September or May.


Holidays in term time


Absences are recorded as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED.


Absence can only be authorised for:


  • Illness

  • Medical or dental reasons

  • Religious observations 

  • Agreed holidays - exceptional circumstances

  • Exclusions


Absence is unauthorised when:


  • No reason has been given for an absence

  • Children have arrived late after registers have been closed and no adequate reason has been provided

  • A reason has been given but it was not accepted by the Head Teacher